5S Videos 

5S Overview 

In this video Ron Pereira, of GembaAcademy.com, explains exactly what 5S is and why it's not optional for those looking to implement lean. Finally, you'll learn the origins of 5S (small hint: it's not Japanese).


5 S Standard Work Video 
The Steps to create a standard operating procedure. 


 Dealing with the 7 Deadly Wastes (Lean Manufacturing)

Learn what the 7 deadly wastes are in this short video shot and delivered in crystal clear high definition.

 Lean Video about Tim Wood and the Seven Wastes
Short animation describing the seven wastes found in lean thinking 

 Illustration of the Need for Lean "5S" in Hospitals

A comical clip showing what can happen when you don't have good "5S" practices in a labor & delivery suite.