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Custom Imprinting

custom imprinting key bak

Promote your brand with personalized KEY-BAK® products.custom imprinting key bak Great for giveaways or anywhere a logo, slogan or insignia needs to get noticed. Call 770.776.9302 about custom imprinting your products today. Guidelines" are located at bottom of this page.




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Customization Guidelines

Artwork Requirement: PC or Macintosh (MAC) format accepted. Limit one art file per order. Format requirement: Adobe Illustrator art files in EPS, PDF, or AI vector format accepted. Always include a laser print of the artwork. Fonts incorporated in artwork must be converted to outline paths.

Artwork is accepted via email at

A fax transmission, is not considered camera-ready art. If color separation is required, be sure proper registration marks are included. Composite is required if color separated art is supplied. We will provide light touch-up, minor art changes, and set straight-line (include font style) type, for a minimal charge.

Art charges will be assessed according to difficulty and amount of time necessary. Factory will adjust artwork to fit maximum imprint area, unless other wise specified. When sending art via email, the following information must be included: Company Name, Phone Number, Purchase Order Number, Imprint and Product Description. A hard copy of artwork must be mailed prior to sending your email and should accompany your order.

Halftone: Artwork containing halftones must be screened at 65 lines per inch at 100% final size. Tint percentages between 25% and 75% are recommended. Artwork is kept on file for 18 months only.