GHS Pictograms (GHS)
Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals

 Pictogram  Description        Hazard Class and Category
 exclamation mark ghs   Exclamation Mark       Irritant (skin & eye), Acute Toxicity (harmful), Skin Sensitizer, Narcotic Effects, Respiratory Tract Irritant, Hazardous to Ozone Layer (Non-Mandatory)
 corrosion ghs   Corrosion       Skin Corrosion/Burns Eye Damage Corrosive to Metals
 flame over ball ghs   Flame Over Ball       Oxidizers
 gas cylinder ghs   Gas Cylinder       Gases Under Pressure
 environment non-mandatory ghs   Envionment
      Aquatic Toxicity
 Flame ghs   Flame       Flammable, Self-Reactives (flammable), Pyrophorics, Self Heating, Emits Flammable Gas, Organic Peroxides
 Exploding Bomb   Exploding Bomb       Explosives Self-Reactives (exploding) Organic peroxides 
 Skull and Crossbones GHS   Skull and Crossbones       Acute Toxicity (fatal or toxic)
 Health Hazard GHS   Health Hazard        Carcinogen, Respiratory Sensitizer, Mutagenicity, Target Organ Toxicity, Reproductive Toxicity, Aspiration Toxicity

Please note that OSHA maintains the most up-to-date information on GHS.  Please visit OSHA for more information.