Mar 072014

Food safety is not a game. Food-borne bacteria can cause food poisoning, which can have an array of effects on your body, none of which are good.

Foods must be kept at the proper temperature during prep. A lot of produce, fish and chicken spoil easiest at room temperature, so it’s best to keep these items cool when not in the fridge. How can food trucks, restaurants, hospitals and hotels maintain the correct food temperature at all times? Old stand-bys like refrigeration and ice are fine, but you can’t prep the food in a fridge and ice gets to be pretty messy. So, is there anything else that can keep foods cool and in their respective temperature zones for multiple hours while seasoned chefs prepare their creations? The Coldmaster CoolCheck fills this tall order with new, patent-pending technology that allows you to actually see when food temperatures are no longer safe. This product has the same features as our other excellent Coldmaster products but with the added bonus of color-change technology. This color changing technology is a real  game changer–because you can literally see the difference in temperature! This feature helps eliminate the guessing game with food safety–and trust us, you should never guess when it comes to food safety. CoolCheck Simply freeze the Coldmaster CoolCheck and it will hold the charge for 6-8 hours all without the mess and inconvenience of ice. It starts as a solid blue, and as the temperature gets warmer the blue will decrease in intensity. When the blue is completely  faded away, this signals that the food is not safe and should be replaced with a fully charged unit. Just one of the many products coming out of the innovative minds at Carlisle, the Coldmaster CoolCheck takes the guessing game out of food prep! Also…if you want to know just how cold the CoolCheck gets, just ask Alex!
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