Mar 152015
Catering is completely different from cooking in a restaurant. In a restaurant, you can give full attention to each dish and craft it perfectly; not that you can’t do that in a catering setting, but it’s quite different. Caterers have a limited amount of time to get food out to not just one table, but possibly hundreds simultaneously.
The life of a good caterer can actually be one of control and ease if things are organized. – Chef Matt Burton
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Mar 022015

Rubbermaid_MopThe Maximizer's unique design delivers the industry-leading mop spread to provide 30% more floor coverage than the standard wet mop. More coverage translates into less time spent mopping and more time for other tasks. And 25% less weight means less effort when mopping and lifting. When wrung out, the Maximizer mop weighs 25% less than the standard mop which helps to alleviate exertion due to mopping's repetitive and physical requirements. This innovative mop is constructed with a special Maximizer Blend for maximum effectiveness. It has the highest absorbency ratio of any mop in its class — absorbing up to three times as much as cotton! And it delivers industry-leading durability, withstanding up to 50 commercial laundering cycles. The Maximizer Blend Mop is also available in a (more…)
Mar 012015
Start with the right toolsSpring Cleaning Supplies For truly effective spring cleaning, replace worn, inefficient mops, brooms and cleaning cloths. Newer innovations like the Rubbermaid Maximizer mop and microfiber make cleaning faster, easier and more effective. Elevate surface cleaning Use a disinfectant or sanitizer on all hard surfaces to eliminate viruses, bacteria and pathogens that are lurking everywhere. Be sure to move items on work surfaces, including electronics which are notorious dust magnets, and clean (more…)